Office of the Attorney General

The office of the Attorney General was established in accordance with section 3 of the Office Of the Attorney General Act, 2006. It is a autonomous body entrusted with the responsibility of providing the highest standard of professional legal services to the Druk Gyalpo and the Royal Government.

The basic function of the Office Of the Attorney General are to prosecute serious criminal offenses, represent or defend the Royal Government in civil litigations, render legal opinions, draft and review bills, advise on all legal matters and perform such other duties of legal matters, as may be assigned by the Druk Gyalpo or the Royal Government.

For this Purpose, the Officer of attorney General is empowered under the Act to obtain from the Royal Government relevant information, particulars and necessary documents pertaining to a case. The Office is also entitled to enlist the presence of officers and employees of the Royal Government who shall render active cooperation and assistance pertaining to a case and the Royal Government shall also ensure the presence of the concerned officers and witness as and when required.

The Mission of the OAG
To defend the interest of the Kingdom of Bhutan according to the law;
To protect the right of its citizens under the Constitution and the laws;
To seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and
To provide the people of Bhutan with an independent, fair and effective prosecution service.
The Office Of the Attorney General may create, change and merge divisions, sections, and units and also create regional offices as deemed necessary.