Legal Services Division

The principal function of the Legal Services Division is to render legal services and opinions on matters of law and such other issues assigned or referred to it by the Druk Gyalpo or the Royal Government. It is also the duty of this Division to provide legal education to legal personnel, and disseminate information to enhance awareness of laws among the general public. It is headed by an Assistant Attorney General.

The Division provides a wide range of legal services to the Royal Government and its agencies on the matters pertaining to both international and the domestic laws. It does not render legal advice to individual citizen; it may provide general information to the public and facilitate the public in obtaining copies of statutes and laws.

The legal opinion sought from the Office of the Attorney General should be in writing and any oral communication of the Office shall not be treated as legal opinion. Such writing shall contain a concise statement on the subject matter with other documents and materials which are necessary.

The most common form of advice rendered by the Division till date has been opinion on controversies over the subject matter; legality of the laws proposed and drafted by other agencies of the Royal Government; and legality of the international treaties and contractual agreement which the Royal Government proposed to sign with other entities.

It is also the mandate of the Division to provide legal education to legal personnel in the country. Specifically, it will endeavour to update the latest global legal issues among the legal personnel.

Other core function of the Division is to disseminate information to enhance awareness of laws among the general public. Particularly, the Division has a vision to create awareness among the young people who are most vulnerable to conflict with the laws. The Division aims to achieve this by coordinating with the Ministry of Education.

The Division also aids and assists the Prosecution Division to carry out prosecution works, and also facilitates the Royal Government agencies by becoming member of the investigative Committee or body whenever the state agency deems appropriate on ad hoc basis.

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