Today, in a solemn ceremony, the Office conferred the ‘Dedication Service Award (Bronze)’ to three of its officials, namely Ms. Tshomo (Accountants Asst. III) Mr. Dechen Chezin (Senior Attorney) and Mr. Tshewang (Senior Attorney). 

In addition, the Office also launched its foundational concept papers on the three specialized Divisions, whose work was hitherto carried out by the Legal Service Division (now renamed the Advisory & Advocacy Division) and also launched a framework, which are as follows: 

  1. The Finance & Corporate Division (FCD);

Established to bring reforms in financial and corporate laws and issues by strengthening financial expertise in analysis, deduction and uniform application of laws.

  1. The International Affairs & Environment Division (IAED);

Established against the backdrop of the rapidly modernizing state of international law and practices, with the critical need to advance expertise and competence in the field of public international law. 

  1. The Property & Judgment Enforcement Division (PJED); and 

Established to give life to judgments rendered.

  1. The Legal Due Diligence Framework. 

To aid and guide not only government lawyers, but also other legal practitioners, in the efficient and effective delivery of legal services.