Uniform Investigation Report 2022, Uniform Charge Sheet 2022 , A Child Justice Training Manual 2022

Coinciding with the Coronation Day of His Majesty the King, the Office of the Attorney General launched the following historic documents:
1. The Uniform Criminal Investigation Report Drafting Manual 2022;
2. The Uniform Charge-Sheet Drafting Manual 2022;
3. The Child Justice Training Manual 2022; and
4. Enterprise Legal Management System (ELMS).
With these publications and the system in-place, the OAG and other justice sectors will be abled to bring forth a systematic application of laws and deliver criminal justice services with promptness, professionalism, consistency and uniformity.
While the “The Uniform Charge-Sheet Drafting Manual 2022 and The Uniform Criminal Investigation Report Drafting Manual 2022” is developed to universally apply to all police stations and prosecutors across the Nation, “The Child Justice Training Manual 2022” will be instrumental in providing a uniform approach in administration of child justice. Further, “Enterprise Legal Management System (ELMS)”, a revamped case management system, is incorporated with the latest ICT technologies which will be instrumental in rendering justice services transparently, efficiently and in an accountable manner. Besides, it will also complement the paperless approach, and integrate datas and facilitate the e-governance of justice deliveries, chiefly the litigation, thereby reducing the government exchequer. It will also streamline the process, transfer and management of case data and achieve the integrity of database system while interfacing the technology with the Judiciary, Royal Bhutan Police, Anti-Corruption Commission, and other relevant law enforcement agencies.
The Hon’ble Chief of Police, joined by representatives from other law enforcement agencies, inaugurated the launching ceremony.