Notification for Jabmi Selection Examination 2019

In order to enhance access to justice for all, the Jabmi Act was adopted in the year 2003, and subsequently amended in 2016. The Jabmi Tshogdey was established on 10th May 2017 as per chapter 2 of the 2003 Act.

One of the core mandate of Jabmi Tshogdey is to examine a Jabmi’s capability to practice law in Bhutan. Accordingly, the Jabmi Selection Examination (Bar Examination) is being instituted with effect from the year 2019 as per section 19A of the Jabmi Act of Bhutan, 2003 . The first Jabmi Selection Examination will be held on the 15th March 2019. All qualified candidates intending to sit for the Jabmi Selection Examination are required to register with the Jabmi Tshogdey Secretariat on or before 5th March 2019.

Upon passing the examination, the candidates will be awarded a ‘’Certificate of Practice’’ by the Jabmi Tshogdey, which will entitle the law graduates to appear before any court and tribunal in Bhutan.

To obtain further information, the candidates may check following websites: