SC upholds High Court verdict on first Constitutional case

The Supreme Court has upheld the High Court verdict on first Constitutional case between the government and the opposition.

The verdict was announced this afternoon by the four justices of the Supreme Court, including the Chief Justice, to a courtroom that was filled with representatives of the government and the opposition and media.

According to the Supreme Court decision, the matter relating to raising of tax failed to comply with the legislative process as provided under the Constitution, denying the members of the opposition party to vote on the issue.

The verdict further goes on to say that the opposition party does not relate to the authority of the government to impose tax but pertains to the non-compliance of procedure in raising and implementing taxes.

The High Court ruling, which came out on November 18 last year, ordered the government to refund all money raised through the revised taxes on import of vehicles that came into effect in July last year.

The full text of the verdict can be found at .

Source: Kuenselonline